Essential Reading for the Security Professional

To identify a list of must-read books for all cybersecurity practitioners – be they from industry, government or academia — where the content is timeless, genuinely represents an aspect of the community that is true and precise, reflects the highest quality and, if not read, will leave a hole in the cybersecurity professional’s education that will make the practitioner incomplete.

The Canon candidates include both fiction and nonfiction and, for a book to make it into the Canon, it must accurately depict the history of the cybersecurity community, characterize key places or significant milestones in the community, or precisely describe technical details that do not exaggerate the craft.

We want to hear from you! Find out how you can be involved with the Canon and nominate your favorite cybersecurity book for inclusion in the candidate list. Read the full set of blog posts about the Cybersecurity Canon to learn more. Drop Rick a line at and let him know your thoughts – he loves a good argument.

Cybersecurity Canon


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